Bamboo Sportswear Organic Clothing

Bam Bamboo Autumn / Winter Collection

Bam Bamboo Autumn / Winter CollectionDon’t let the cold weather get in the way of your workout! Bam Bamboo latest Autumn/Winter sportswear collection has brand new pieces to ensure peak performance.

You will find a wide range of bamboo sportswear suited to a wide number of activities such as running, cycling, skiing, hiking and yoga.

The new Enduro range is made from supportive, heavy weight bamboo fabric that offers great support and is ultra comfortable.

Bamboo fabric is perfect for active wear offering:

  • Climate Control – bamboo’s cellulosic structure ensures you are kept warm in the cold by trapping warm air inside the microfibres, yet cool in the heat by allowing air to circulate between the microfibres.
  • Moisture wicking – bamboo is highly absorbent, pulling moisture away from your body to the surface to evaporate.
  • Antibacterial – bamboo naturally disposes of bacteria and inhibits its growth, unlike many other fabrics. It is also antifungal.
  • Ultra soft – bamboo’s smooth microstructure ensures it is incredibly soft to the touch, and, therefore, very, very comfortable to wear.

<< Click here to view Bam Bamboo AW Collection >>


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