Charity Christmas

24 Good Deeds – A Different Kind of Advent Calendar

24 Good Deeds - A Different Kind of Advent Calendar

Do something different this Christmas with the “24 Good Deeds” advent calendar.

Forget chocolate, behind each door hides an international aid project that is concretely and visibly supported through the calendar. Two examples are the vaccination of an endangered child in Guatemala or the contribution of bricks for a school being built in Burkina Faso. Every day, you will learn about another project which is supported thanks to your donation.

You can receive the calendar in exchange for a donation of € 24 or more. What the 2013 donations are exactly going to achieve and who will benefit from them is being revealed each day behind the calendar doors (there is also more detailed, on the 24 Good Deeds website). Until then this year’s projects will remain secret! Last year 120,000 Euros donations could be raised through the calendar and for instance 10,000 children in Guatemala could be vaccinated.

The “24 Good Deeds” Advent calendar is the perfect gift – and a great opportunity to give yourself a treat, because helping others brings joy and happiness where it is most needed.

You can order the “24 Good Deeds” Advent calendar online from They are posted from Germany so allow 3-5 days for delivery.


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