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“The True Cost”: A Documentary About The Impact of The Fashion Industry


As another fire swept through a Bangladeshi’s clothes factory this week, it becomes harder to justify our love for fast fashion. How many people do have to die or work in appalling working conditions just because of our insatiable appetite for cheap clothes?

It’s not only about the environmental cost of the clothing industry it is also about its human cost. We are all at fault. As consumers we want to spend less on clothes while buying more of it. In an effort to keep costs down, brands often overlook basic working and safety conditions. Ecouterre just published a shocking article on Gap’s “forced labour“, one brand amongst many.

It is a complicated issue. Marketing gets us to believe that some brands are “good” brands while behind the scenes ethic and social values disappear in the background. And it is not always because we spend more money that workers and the environment were cared more about.

Andrew Morgan, is looking to produce ‘The True Cost‘ is a documentary film exploring the impact of the global clothing industry on people and the planet.

They have taken a first step in creating the teaser and building a growing team of experts around the world.  They are now raising this money to begin full production on the final film. Funds will go to principal photography and the post-production process.

The film will feature interviews with top industry leaders from the international clothing industry, illuminating this complex dilemma. In addition to these professionals, the audience will get to see the human side of the issue as they take cameras around the world to capture the lives of the people affected by these issues every day. More than just underscoring the problem, this is an effort to highlight real solutions that we can all take part in. The road we are on is not sustainable, but there is an opportunity here; a defining moment in history for us to set a new precedent for the future we will create.

The good news is that as consumers we have the power to change things. First we need to understand or be reminded of the issues. This is why documentaries such as  ‘The True Cost‘  are so important.

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