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Organic Clothing by Rapanui

Rapanui organic Clothing

Back by popular demand, Rapanui’s Organic Clothing is now available at By Nature. Based on the Isle of Wight, Rapanui is a multi award winning ethical fashion brand. The designs of Rapanui’s Organic Clothing reflect the company’s philosophy and business ethics.

Rapanui’s Organic Clothing is not only made from eco textiles such as organic cotton, bamboo and tencel (eucalyptus) certified to Fairtrade or GOTS standards; but also made in factories powered by wind and solar renewable energy.

Following the recommendations of the Environmental Justice Foundation ‘Clean Cotton Campaign’, Rapanui ensures the social responsibility of their supply chain through Fair Wear Foundation’s Code of Labour Practices such as proper wages for factory workers, safe and healthy working conditions and reasonable working hours.

Trying to support Low Impact Farming, Rapanui has specifically chosen to work in regions where organic cotton is planted and harvested by hand, without mechanization. Because organic farming does not use petroleum based chemical fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide, it is less reliant on fossil fuels and has a lower carbon footprint. In a further effort to reduce their carbon footprint, Rapanui brings all their products to the UK by boat rather than plane.

Each Rapanui’s product has a traceability map tracing the entire product supply chain from the planting of the seed, the processing of the fabric, manufacturing, energy use and transport.

Finally they were awarded the RSPCA Good Business Awards ensuring that their products are not tested on animals, contain no dyes or inks tested on animals and use no dyes, inks or fabrics derived from animal products. The RSPCA Good Business Awards also recognise the fact that organic crops encourage biodiversity and improve the quality of the ecosystems in the natural environment.

You can view Rapanui’s latest collection here. It includes a wide selection of tee shirts for both men and women.

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