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Vegetarians, Vegans, Flexitarians, Pescatarians, Pollotarians Explained

Eating habits are changing and with new choices come new “labels”. Whichever diet you follow is a matter of personal choice and ethics. Yet our current eating habits are not sustainable and there is no doubt that our diet will need to become more plant based.

Let’s explore some of the options….

Vegetarian: a vegetarian has a plant based diet (ie not meat or fish) but does eat dairy and eggs. 

Vegan: a true vegan will not eat any animal product (no meat, fish or dairy). More restricting that vegetarianism but there are many plant based dairy substitutes.

Flexitarian: this is a semi-vegetarian diet which is becoming increasingly popular for people who still want to eat fish or meat from time to time. Followers of the “Meat Free Monday” campaign belong to this category.

Pescatarian: a pescatarian is a semi-vegetarian and  does not eat meat but eats fish, seafood and shelfish

Pollotarian: a pollotarian is also a a semi-vegetarian diet which excludes red meat but pretty much everything else.


  1. Interesting and some labels I hadn’t heard of before. Also makes me wonder, if we need to become more plant based that also has sustainability challenges (land clearance, irrigation, flood risks etc).

  2. Hi nice post but I have a short comment, Veganism is a philosophy and it is more than a diet. Just for your information vegans do not use other animal products and by-products such as eggs, dairy products, honey, leather, fur, silk, wool, cosmetics, and soaps derived from animal products.

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