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March of the Beekeepers – Friday 26th April 2013


via PAN UK – PAN UK is joining forces with Avaaz, Buglife, Environmental Justice Foundation, Friends of the Earth, GreenpeaceRSPB, Soil Association and 38 Degrees for the March of the Beekeepers – 10.30am for 11am start, till 12.30, Friday 26th April, Parliament Square, Westminster, London

Beekeepers with smokers (not lit), flanked by supporting celebrities, people wearing beehive hair, carrying flowers, apples, pears and other pollinated vegetables, honey and jam, a giant Winnie the Pooh.
To grab the weekend headlines and pile the pressure on the Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP, Secretary of State for Environment and Rural Affairs, ahead of a vital EU vote banning neonicotinoid pesticides on Monday 29th April. Even the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee has concluded certain neonicotinoids are harmful to bees and The March of the Beekeepers will show Mr Paterson the full weight of public, expert and Government opinion and persuade him to now support a European ban.
What You Can Do:
Are you a Beekeeper or do you know one? We are looking for as many people to join us with their bee-suits or hats & veils and smokers (unlit). Help us to spread the word among the beekeeping community so we can get as many beekeepers outside parliament as possible.
Does your business depend on bees? If so, please join us and show visually how your business depends on bees. For example florists come with flowers, cider & juice companies with apples, jam makers with jam and greengrocers with vegetables.
Do you care about bees? If so how do they inspire you and why should we protect them? It’s a serious issue but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun showing you care. Put your hair in a beehive perhaps or get dressed up in bee stripes…..
What To Do Next? Get in touch with and let us know how you would like to be involved or to find out more about the day. The more information we have on who is coming the better we can plan the event to have the most impact.
The problem with neonicotinoids

PAN UK Director Dr Keith Tyrell explains briefly in the video above how neonicotinoid pesticides work and their toxic effect on bees and other essential pollinators.

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