Green Living

Green Living – Beautiful Easter Eggs With Natural Dyes

I love these Easter eggs. Such beautiful decorations and a craft activity the kids can get involved in.

This was orignally posted in Bored Panda with a link to a foreign website for the explanations. I could not understand it so I improvised!

You will need some eggs, small fresh flowers, leaves etc…, sewing thread, old nylon socks/tights, a big pan and some colours (see below).

1) Decide on a pattern and slight wet your flowers, leaves, grass etc… so you can stick them around the eggs.

2) Once the foliage is in place put each egg in an old nylon socks/tights secured on each end with some sewing thread.

3) Boil the eggs in a large pan of boiling water. Add 1 to 2 tbs of white vinegar and the colour of your choice (see below).  Cook until you get the desired colour.

For the colour you can experiment with adding to the boiling water in your pan:

  • Brown: Black Tea bags
  • Brown/Orange: Onions peels
  • Orange: Paprika
  • Violet: Red Onions
  • Red/Pink: Juiced raw beetroot
  • Yellow: Turmeric
  • Green: Juiced spinach or liquid chlorophyll
  • Purple/Blue: Red cabbage cooked until the water is very coloured (add some baking soda for more blue)


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