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Eco Fashion Friday

eco_fashion_fridayEco Fashion Friday is about thinking about what we wear one day a week. What we buy, where the clothes come from, what they are made from, who they are made by. And not just clothes, but shoes and accessories too.

Eco Fashion Friday is the new Dress Down Friday. Its aim is to do for sustainable fashion what Meat Free Mondays hasdone in getting people to think about what they eat and its impact on the planet.

A series of weekly challenges have been set. Start at the beginning, or start anywhere. Have fun. And share what you wear and why you wear it.

Eco Fashion Friday was created by Salterbaxter, a sustainability strategy and communications agency, and born out of ‘If Only’, our own CR programme.

To get us thinking about what eco fashion is, Salterbaxter have set themselves a series of 10 weekly challenges. Each Friday, they are going to undertake one of these challenges. They will be posting pictures of items that we wear on this site. You can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter. Salterbaxter want to get as many people as possible thinking about eco fashion each Friday – take part, take a picture of what you’re wearing, share it with them and your friends using the hashtag #ecofashionfriday. And please let  them know your stories of what you’ve learnt through doing the Eco Fashion Friday challenges. If you are taking part in the challenge, as an individual or as a company, let them know, and they’ll list you as a Eco Fashion Friday-ista!

Weekly Challenges –

1) Wear something from your wardrobe you don’t normally wear – so old it’s new!

2) Wear something second-hand or vintage

3) Wear something with a story

4) Wear something organic – or from a new fibre such as soy bean, nettle or milk

5) Wear something by a small local designer

6) Wear something repurposed/upcycled or customized – by yourself or someone else

7) Wear something FairTrade

8) Wear something British made

9) Wear something that you or someone you know has made

10) Wear your favourite item of clothing which matches any of these challenges

Find out more

See our selection of eco fashion

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