Fairtrade Organic Chocolate Valentines

Organic Chocolate – Guilt Free Pleasure

organic chocolateOrganic Chocolate is a perfect gift for Valentine’s.

Chocolate has been associated with love ever since the Aztec are believed to have used it as aphrodisiac.

According to some, chocolate contains chemicals that induce the same “high” that people experience when they are in love.

Chocolate (especially dark chocolate) is generally good to your health within moderation. It is very complex with over 380 chemicals. When it comes to Love and Romance though the focus is on PEA or phenethylamine that triggers the release “happy hormones” known as endorphins. PEA is also a mild anti-depressant. Yet this “Love Connection” is controversial  as chocolate contains only small amount of PEA and is metabolised too quickly to have any effect.

Whatever the reason behind this Love Connection, it is important to remember that issues around chocolate production can quickly erase the pleasure of eating it. Chocolate industry is plagued with problems of child and slave labour as well as fairtrade issues.

Choose guilt-free pleasure this Valentine’s with some Organic Chocolate truffles from Booja BoojaBooja Booja source their organic chocolate from Ecuador working with a cooperative dealing with small scale cacao farmers, supporting their sustainable farming methods and paying them a premium above the market rate. Small scale farming protects the genetic diversity of Ecuadorian cacao. Unlike plantation production it allows for cross pollination which strengthens the cacao trees and makes them less susceptible to plague and disease. Over many years the cooperative has built up solid, trusted relationships with the farmers who live in their local area and who are the guardians of Ecuador’s precious native cacao.

Handmade in the UK Booja Booja organic chocolates can be enjoyed at any time without guilt! You can also trust that everything we make is dairy free, vegan, organic and utterly delicious!

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