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Tips on How to Keep Your Bedroom Allergy Free

organic bedding

We spend on average a third of our lives sleeping hence the need to keep our bedrooms healthy and allergy free. Bedrooms are however prime territory for dustmites, chemicals, dust etc…

Here are some ideas to keeping your bedroom allergy free.


Switch to Organic Bedding – usually made from organic cotton, hemp or bamboo, organic bedding is made without chemicals and pesticides. Looks out for GOTS and Oeko-Tex certification. Organic bedding is great for people suffering from Eczema and Skin Conditions as well as asthma and MCS.

Try Silk Bedding – Silk is a great material for anyone affected by dust mites. Silk is a natural protein which is far less hospitable to dust mites than other fabric. Also it is a “dense” fabric so dust mites find it hard to live in. On top of silk sheets, you can also try a silk duvet, silk mattress topper and silk pillows.

Invest in a Organic Mattress – generally made with organic cotton, organic wool. Natural latex mattresses are a great alternative to memory foam mattresses. Abaca makes both organic pocket sprung and latex mattresses which are certified by the Soil Association.

Mattress and Pillow covers – are great to help prevent dust mites.


Air Purifier – Air purifiers can ease asthma or allergies.  Look out for the seal of approval of Allergy UK.

Laundry Detergent and Softener – Switch to fragrance-free & dye-free laundry products. You can also try soap nuts or ecozone products.

Natural Paints – I like Earthborn paints which contain no VOCs

Avoid MDF furniture – they emit urea-formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds. (Worth also looking out for Medite Ecologique MDF which is made with Zero added Formaldehyde)

Avoid fabric bedframe and headboards – they are perfect hiding place for dustmites and they also contain fire retardants.


Ditch Carpet & Mats -nests for dust mites, dust etc… they are just not worth it if you suffer from asthma or allergies.

Ditch Air Fresheners – to  many chemicals. Air the room instead!

Beware of curtains – they gather a lot of dust over time. Install indoors shutters if you can.

Vacuum often & declutter – especially under bed and cupboards where dust gathers very easily.

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