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Valentines Flowers – The Secret Meaning of Flowers

Valentines Flowers

Valentines Flowers are a truly romantic gift.

Did you know that when you send a bouquet the flowers convey a special message depending on their colour or type.
If you want to declare your flame this Valentines, here are a few tips on what to choose.

Red – love, passion.
White – pure love.
Pink – romance.

Lily – symbolises love, purity, mortality and femininity.
Red Tulip – perfect love and passion.
Pink Tulip – caring, perfect happiness.White Tulip – purity
Narcissi – rebirth

Our most popular bouquets of Valentines Flowers include:

Valentines Flowers
Red Hot
– Red Tulips

Valentines Flowers ballerina
Ballerina – Purple Lily and Pink Tulips

Red Lily Splash - Seasonal British Flowers Bouquet 1Red Lily Splash – Red Lily

Valentines Flowers Pure White
Pure White – White Tulips and  Narcissi.

Scented Splendour Scented Splendor – Pink Tulip and Narcissi.

All our hand-tied bouquets are created using seasonal flowers and foliage sourced ethically and sustainably from the Tregothnan estate in Cornwall and nearby growers, ensuring your flowers reach you with the fewest “flower miles” possible.

Click here to view our full selection of English Seasonal Flowers

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