Organic Underwear

4 Eco Lingerie to Spice Up Your Holiday Season

From Christmas to New Year the party season is busy…very busy.

It is essential to find the right lingerie to fit mood, outfit and occasions.

Here is a look at our top party eco lingerie essentials:

Precious Strapless Bra The Strapless / Removable Straps Bra

An essential for evening strapless dresses or whenever you need to show your shoulders.

This Precious Strapless / Removable Straps Bra can be worn without the straps or with the straps crossed in the back if you need more support.

Padded it has delicate French Calais Lace appliqué in either black or white.

push up braThe Push Up Bra

Made popular in the 1990s by Wonderbra The Push Up Bra is a great choice when you want to show more cleavage especially on plunging neck line.

This Precious Push Up Bra has delicate French Calais Lace appliqué.
It is padded and cut so that to push the breasts higher up and create more volume.

Choose a bigger cup if you want a less push up effect.

Balconnette Bra LilyBalconnette Bra LilyThe Balconnette Bra

The balconette bra is revealing  and creates dramatic uplift and cleavage, suited to smaller and medium bust sizes.

Great when you want to emphasise more volume and plunging necklines.

For larger breasts, the Corbeille Bra such as this Lily Bra available in either Pink or Black is similar and gives a very feminine cut while offering great support.

Lace CorsetLace CorsetThe Corset

A corset gives you extra support around the waistline (which let’s face it can be useful during the holiday season) and has an integrated bra. You’ll feel confident and sexy.

This beige lace corset by Do You Green  has red delicate French Calais Lace that gives an uplift in colour.

The bra is simliar to a balconnette and will emphasize your cleavage.

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