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Livia Firth UN Leader of Change Award 2012

via The Telegraph

Earlier this month Oxfam and Green Carpet Challenge ambassador Livia Firth honoured by the United Nations for her efforts to promote a more sustainable fashion industry in 2012.

This year has seen mean, green, eco machine, Livia Firth, launch her own ethical fashion collection, team up with the British Fashion Council to support London’s new Sustainable Fashion Award and earn her eco credentials as a global ambassador for Oxfam.

It appears her outstanding efforts have not gone unnoticed, as today saw the co-founder of ethical-design store Eco Age honoured as a Leader of Change for 2012, at the United Nations and Foundation for Social Change conference.

Commenting on her new title, Livia recalls that she “fell off the chair and screamed” upon receiving the email from Louise Guido, the president of the Foundation for Social Change. “It feels amazing and is such a great incentive for all of us at Eco Age and the Green Carpet Challenge to keep doing what we do. With this honour now I can be even pushier with everyone I try to involve!” the wife of Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth told Vogue.

Having already pushed global fashion houses Valentino and Gucci towards the green route via her Green Carpet Challenge (the eco red carpet scheme that put her on the map for making the sustainable chic), the eco warrior promises exciting ventures into ‘greener’ pastures.

“I will continue my efforts with the GCC but the role also allows me to be involved with a number of high level roundtables around the world,” noted a business-savvy Firth. “It gives me a voice to discuss the real issues ethical fashion represents and on a much larger scale.”

Hinting at the launch of a new GCC initiative, expect a whole lot more green hitting red carpets soon.

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