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7 Bras All Women Should Own

Choosing a bra is not a simple question of finding the right fit.

Making sure your bra match your outfit is a must so that you can feel confident and look your best.

Here are 7 types of bras all women should own.

1. The Skin Tone Bra
Great to wear under a white shirt or tee shirt The Skin Tone Bra will go unnoticed

2. The Black Bra
A great favourite with many women, The Black Bra is hugely versatile. Flattering it is also skinning and therefore a huge confidence booster when you are dressed or undressed.

3. The Strapless / Removable Straps Bra
An essential for evening strapless dresses, summery fine straps tops or whenever you need to show your shoulders. The Strapless / Removable Straps Bra can be worn withtout the straps or with the straps crossed in the back if you need more support.

4. The Backless Bra
The Backless Bra opens a whole new world of fashion. Great for wedding dresses or low cut back dresses and tops. Some of them are also sold as “convertible” so that to give you more option on how to wear the straps.

5. The Push Up Bra
Made popular in the 1990s by Wonderbra The Push Up Bra is a great choice when you want to show more cleavage. It is padded and cut so that to push the breasts higher up and create more volume.

6. The Balconnette Bra
The balconette bra is revealing  and creates dramatic uplift and cleavage, suited to smaller and medium bust sizes.
For larger breasts, the Corbeille Bra is similar and gives a very feminine cut while offering great support.

7. The Sport Bra
The Sport Bra should imperatively be present in your sports bag. It offers great support so that you feel comfortable and confident while protecting breast tissue.

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