Kitchen Compost Bin Guide

Kitchen Compost Bin
A Kitchen Compost Bin is a very useful thing to have. It helps you recycled your kitchen waste and transform it into rich compost that you can use for your plants and garden.

However it can be confusing to know what to put in your Kitchen Compost Bin.

Here is a quick guide to help you out.

– All fresh leaves, peelings, vegetables, fruits, tea bags, coffee, cuttings can go in. They provide nitrogen. You can also include egg shells (be careful though as they take longer to decompose and foxes love to dig them out!)

Papers – All cardboard and paper are welcome as they provide carbon.

Cooked vegetables, meat, fish, human and animal waste, old leaves, dairy and weeds.

If you empty your Kitchen Compost Bin in a wormery make sure you keep out citruses, onions and garlic as worms do not like them.

The stylish Burgon & Ball Kitchen Compost Bin above will sit proudly on your work top. It is made of powder coated steel, and supplied complete with 2 compostable kitchen waste bin liners made of kraft paper.

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