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Campbell’s Soup To Remove BPA from Cans

wahol campbell soupFollowing the Breast Cancer Fund “Cans Not Cancer” campaign Campbell’s Soup, has just announced that it is taking steps to stop using bisphenol-A, or BPA, in the linings of its cans.

BPA is widely used to line cans as it prevents corrosion, increases products shelf life and protects products during high heat sterilization. However, BPA has been found to leach into liquid and food it is in contact with. A known hormones disruptor, there are fears that BPA could increase cancer rate. Last October, a study from the Harvard School of Public Health linked exposure to BPA during pregnancy to hyperactive, depressive and anxious behavior in young girls, finding that the higher the mothers’ BPA levels, the more likely the girls were to exhibit behavior problems as toddlers.

Here you can find more BPA-free alternatives such as Earthlust and Kids Konserve

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