Eco Fashion

Eco Fashionistas embark on 6 items challenge to stem sweatshop consumption

A great Eco Fashion challenge. Sweatshop-aware fashion addicts around the UK will today take up the challenge of limiting their wardrobes to only six items of clothing for the 40 days of lent.

The ‘Six Items Challenge‘ is commencing today as London Fashion Week reaches its finale – its glitzy parties a stark contrast to the excessive overtime and poverty pay faced by many factory workers who will shortly be producing the high street copies of the catwalk designs profiled.

This personal quest is posed by UK NGO Labour Behind the Label which works to support garment workers producing for UK fashion brands around the world in improving their rights.

Labour Behind the Label Campaigner Bee Hayes said: “The challenge highlights our dependency on fast fashion consumption. Participants are encouraged to re-engage with creating clothing identities with less. By doing so we’re standing in solidarity with workers who suffer the effects of mass production and consumption of clothing, at a factory level.”

Participant Janine Woodward explained her motivation for taking part in the challenge “I signed up to the 6 Items Challenge because I want to support the great work of Labour Behind the Label. Also, I guess it’s out of curiosity – will I actually be able to do it?!”

In addition to the six main items allowed, challengees can have unlimited underwear and accessories plus necessary sports and performance gear as part of their capsule wardrobes.

Participants will be blogging their experiences and insights as they go through the challenge while raising money for Labour Behind the Label’s vital work.


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