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Eco Fashion: Pledge to Be Leather-Free with Stella Mc Cartney’s

Stella Mc Cartney has been a supporter of eco fashion for many years.

She has included organic clothing in her own collections as well as in the collections she has designed for others.

She is also best known for her fierce stand against animal cruelty and the use of leather, fur, and other skins.

“Stella Mc Cartney is also concerned about leather production’s environmental impact. Tanning, the process of turning skin into leather, requires massive amounts of energy and dangerous chemicals, including formaldehyde and coal-tar derivatives, which can end up in nearby soil and water supplies. These toxic chemicals pose a deadly threat to those who work at the tanneries as well as the humans and animals who live nearby.” (Source: PETA)

In the current PETA’s campaign Stella Mc Cartney is asking us to take the pledge to go leather free.

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