Wildlife: What To Feed Bird in Winter

Bird Feeder and Bird HouseFeeding bird in Winter is important as cold weather can restrict the amount of food available.

Providing birds with high energy / high fat foods and water can help them survive harsh weather.

Also as the “word spreads around” you might attract new species in your garden.

We have been experimenting at home with a variety of foods in this FSC Bird Feeder and have been observing a fascinating show as birds and squirrels have been investigating what we had left for them.

Fat based food such as Fat Balls are great. You can buy them already made in shops or make your own with suet mixed with bird seeds.

You can also sprinkle some bird seed mixture into your bird feeder especially the ones containing black sunflower seeds (they are high in fat yet small enough to be picked up).

Peanut are also popular and you can keep them in a squirrel-proof bird feeder with large holes.

We have also put out some garden apples gathered in the Autumn.

Visit the RSPB website for more tips.

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