Organic Underwear

Organic Underwear: Do You Green by g=9.8

Organic Underwear Do You Green g=9.8When it comes to organic underwear,  Do You Green by g=9.8 is not only an innovative but also a sexy brand. Do You Green organic underwear has a modern look with simple and clean lines.

Do You Green organic underwear is made from upcycled pine tree clippings which are transformed into a silky smooth fabric. The process is similar to bamboo.This fibre has amazing properties as it regulates temperature so that you are never too hot or too cold and it won’t lose its shape. It is also biodegradable and anti bacterial. Do You Green organic underwear washes well and dries very quickly.

Founder Sophie Young takes a sustainable approach to the development of her organic underwear brand. The eco-concept of g=9.8 creates products which have a limited impact on the environment. The wood fibre is made from sustainably managed wood and not based on a cycle of unnatural deforestation. Only certain parts of the trees are chosen and selected while harvesting coincides with normal pruning*. The water consumption is limited. Do You Green organic underwear uses eco-friendly and non-toxic dyes certified by Oekotex.

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