Organic Clothing

Eco Fashion: Closet Swap iPhone App

Eco Fashion Closet Swap iPhone AppIf you are interested in eco fashion, The Closet Swap iPhone App helps you regenerate your wardrobe for nothing by swapping clothes amongst friends.

Closet Swap is a new way for you and your friends to exchange clothes easily and conveniently. Sign in with your Facebook ID to create your own virtual closet. Upload some pictures of clothes you own and get your friends to do the same. Then you can start borrowing and lending items.

The Closet Swap website let you create your own personal closet, share it with your friends so you can borrow, lend or swap.

Closet Swap includes “The Fashion Finder”  a handy guide to find local sustainable clothes and its Party tool can also help you organise a swishing party.

We also like the educative section which explains more on the issues of Sustainable Fashion.

Closet Swap is a Channel 4 Education project.


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