Eco Celebs

Eco Fashion – Livia Firth Hits Red Carpet in Upcycled Gown

Livia Firth Golden Globes Upcycled FashionLivia Firth kicked off her Green Carpet Challenge last night at the Golden Globes wearing a black and white gown designed by Giorgio Armani. The fabric is made from water bottles and is a true testament of upcycled fashion

She wrote in her blog that “To work with Armani was a real lesson in the design process. Everything begins with the material. Fortunately, Giorgio loved the eco material and knew he could work with it. ”

Less impressive was the food served. After last year’s menu which emphasized eco-friendly local ingredients, the theme this year was “Global Food Harmony” and “featured chocolate flown in from Switzerland and honey caramel from France. Terrapass even tabulated the carbon footprint left behind on just those two items along with hazelnuts from Italy almond paste from Spain to come up with 9,261 lbs of CO2 emissions to get them all to big event, raising the ire of Global Green U.S.A.” (Source: SCPR)

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