Organic Clothing

What is Eco Fashion ?

Eco FashionIn a world of fast, cheap and disposable clothes, eco fashion brings us clothing made from eco textiles under fair trading practices.

Eco fashion is often believed to be plain, earthy and unattractive. Nothing could be further from the truth as very talented designers are working with innovative materials to create some great and trendy clothes.

What makes eco fashion different from conventional clothes is not their style but the fabrics it uses and the way it is manufactured.

Eco fashion uses eco textiles such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo. Those fibres are kinder to the environment as they are grown without pesticides and insecticides. Eco fashion is a great choice for people with sensitive skins as eco textiles tend to be kinder than conventional fabrics for people with skin conditions or allergies.

Eco fashion also uses upcycled materials such as wood, plastics or leftover fabrics to transform waste into clothes.

But eco fashion does not only benefits the environment and our health. With fair trading practices it enables disavantaged communities to earn a decent living far away from sweatshops that plagues conventional fashion.

Eco fashion is fashion with a conscience. So if you care about the environment, fair trade and animal rights, then it is time to become an eco fashion victim.

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