6 Eco Toys for a Battery Free Christmas

Fed up of scouring drawers and cupboards in search of batteries? Or have your rechargeable batteries had enough? By Nature declares a Battery Free* Christmas with its selection of solar toys, wooden toys, craft toys and other ethical toys.

Here are the top 6 Best Sellers.

* “Make Your Own Recycled Paper Train Set” does require a small battery to operate the train .

Bird Box Café Craft Kit

Bird Box Café Craft Kit

The bird box café kit enable children to create their own posh palatial perch for birds! Where else could you possibly watch all our feathered friends stopping for a rest, a savoury snack and all the latest garden gossip?

Recommended age: 5 years +
SRP £14.99  click here for details

Hevea Pond Bath Toys

Hevea Pond Bath Toys

The Pond, contains three squidgy tiddly toys – duck, fish and frog – just right for tiny babies and tots. Made from 100% natural rubber Hevea bathing toys are soft and malleable, yet durable. It’s easy to grasp and squeeze for even the tiniest hands, encouraging baby’s all-important early development skills. BPA, phthalates and PVC free

Recommended age: suitable from birth

SRP £24.99  click here for details

Make Your Own Recycled Paper Train Set

Make Your Own Recycled Paper Train Set

This revolutionary toy helps children understand the full process of paper recycling. The Recycle Factory turns waste paper into train sets!

Imagine having a train track as long as your house can fit it! But having to buy new train tracks can be expensive. With this kit there is no need to buy new tracks.

The train set comes with an electric train (which needs to have a battery). Create the largest train set without having to buy new tracks. If the track is broken, it can be recycled again!

Recommended age: 6 years +

SRP £24.99  click here for details

Mustang Dynamo Race Track

Mustang Dynamo Race Track

Slot car racing with a difference – no batteries, no mains just wind up. Endless hours of battery and mains free fun. Connect the hand generators to the track, place the racing cars in their slots, start rotating the hand generator and off you go!

POWERplus introduces the Mustang Dynamo Race Track, a complete 3,8 metre race track including 2 illuminated racing cars and controllers.

Recommended age: 10 years +

SRP £39.99  click here for detail

Congo Basin Chess Board

Congo Basin Chess Board

This wooden chess board game will help you support the work of WWF UK and discover some of Africa’s spectacular wildlife.

Sure to inspire a whole new generation of chess champions! 32 wooden animal chess pieces. Animal themes: african elephant, gorilla, okapi, lion, hippopotamus, and bonobo. Features wood gameboard with storage compartment complete with playing instructions. All components made from FSC materials.

SRP £19.99  click here for details

Grasshopper Hybrid Toy Car

Grasshopper Hybrid Toy Car

The Grasshopper uses the latest technology in eco energy power and teaches children that they can play with electrical toys without using batteries or mains power.

By winding the generator, the Grasshopper can move forwards and backwards. On sunny days, children can play outside with the Grasshopper and then the car can be powered by using the solar energy panel.

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